The Importance of Buying a Life Insurance Policy

Life insurance is often a misunderstood financial venture that many associate with the fear of death. Young people, in particular, are averse to buying a life insurance policy because they think they are nowhere near death and still have the rest of their lives to worry about. But this view is actually short-sighted and does not take into account the uncertainties that are inherent to life in general.

Firstly, the belief that life insurance is associated with the fear of death is actually half-true. Indeed, it is a practical human tendency to ensure that our loved ones are well-provided for if anything were to happen to us and how best to do this than with a life insurance policy? You begin to think along these terms when you have a family that depends on your monthly capacity to earn for them to live a comfortable and easy life.

But that isn’t that there is to life insurance. Today, there are variable life insurance policies that are flexible enough to be invested in the money markets while at the same time providing for your family’s needs if something were to happen to you. These variable life insurance policies can be invested in stocks, mutual funds, and bonds and even gives you the opportunity to grow your insurance money faster. You can find discounted life insurance quotes at

There are also plenty of new features in life insurance policies that one can take advantage depending on your needs and preferences. For example, there are insurance policies that are now transferrable, which means you can sell it at some point to liquidate your money if you need it for a big expenditure. There are also more than enough types that can certainly meet your requirements. From varying payment terms to coverage that you can pre-determine separately, you have more than enough options to make your life insurance policy serve your needs best.

So remember, a life insurance policy isn’t only because you fear death and you want to be secure. While that is partly true, it is not the only story to life insurance. With so many types today giving policy holders plenty of options to tweak their policies to one that suits their needs, a life insurance is now more investment than just a security instrument. Perhaps that’s all that you need to change your perspective regarding the idea of buying a life insurance; if so, why don’t you talk to an agent today to see what options suit your needs?

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    So here’s my situation. I’m 17 (almost 18), grime poor, and essentially living from my parents (appropriate to state that they’re we live off each other peoples income). I make minimum wage and am going to request for additional hrs, my father will get compensated about $200 per week, and my mother will get compensated about $8 an hour or so. My mother got me on the vehicle insurance plan in order to get my license, and that i require a vehicle.

    I’ve been changing around $100-300 because my parents keep asking me for the money for that bills and obligations (that we understand). Regrettably, my parents will also be slowly destroying me. Two several weeks ago, I compensated my father $110 for his set up (to help keep his butt from jail) and that he went and gave the cash to his drug-addicted friend. I’m also being conned of my chocolate and cash for that school fundraising event by my parents. They’re also demanding I lead for their cigarette addiction, in addition to my dad’s gambling addiction. As well as that my father should be doing community service, be going to jail whether it is not complete by November 21, departing us basically destitute.

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    So what can I actually do? Advice? Second job suggestions?

  3. Shena 22 May 2013 at 6:57 pm Permalink

    We’ve had our Permanent Life insurance coverage insurance policy for annually now. It’s a insurance policy for $25,000. Our monthly fees are $25.14 per month and that we have compensated that for 12 several weeks now? The amount of money value do you consider we’ve committed to it? We’re inside a desperate financial need at this time, and want to gain access to some cash from your policy.

  4. Robin 4 June 2013 at 5:10 am Permalink

    I get married soon, so me and my fiance are earning a lot of plans/choices, such as the wedding, we are purchasing a home, the honeymoon, etc. I’m the kind of the person who always loves to arrange for the worst situation scenario. I acquired her to agree with establishing an urgent situation fund of $3k, just just in case certainly one of us manages to lose our jobs or whatever. I additionally desired to discuss things together with her like life insurance coverage, a will, and dying choices. I needed the two of us to possess a minimum of a $a million dollar life insurance coverage policy, since we’re both under 30, and that i have specific instructions that I wish to discuss just in case tips over in my experience, like if I am inside a coma, my funeral etc. How do you speak with her about this stuff without freaking her out? I understand we are not married yet, but it’s coming close and with the other activities we are determining on, I’d feel much better knowing this really is taken care of.She is not taking me all joking aside and I’d rather not appear strange by getting up constantly. Ideas?

  5. Lewis 7 June 2013 at 9:46 am Permalink

    I had been offered AFLAC inside my work, however i don’t really understand a great deal relating to this and don’t wish to go that’s not worthwhile or which i will not make use of. I haven’t got every other insurance plan and they’ve offered me “Existence-Protector Plus-Whole Existence, Non Tabacco”, “Hospital Intensive Care Protection” and “Dental Policy”.

    I simply had a dental care done much less sometime ago and do not feel I’d require the Dental Policy at this time, especially since i already compensated a savings program for the entire year which saves me an adequate amount.

    I understand this really is most likely insufficient info, but is someone acquainted with AFLAC?

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  7. Curtis 30 June 2013 at 4:41 pm Permalink

    Who’s the benefactor?

    My closest friend died within an accident. He’s a $2,000,000 police compensated by the organization. His parent own the organization. They told his wife that they could be triggered in the same salary he what food was in. She does not work there, but has some legal privileges to some patent her husband produced and it is wholly possessed by him inside a separate LLC he setup. Her in laws and regulations still need run that side from the business on her for the time being, however in time she will help go over. He earned around $200K annually. May Be The Life Insurance Coverage HERS OR The Organization? to exchange him? She’s 2 youthful women and she’s a nurse making around $30K annually.

    Just advise, I am unsure around the particulars. I had been encouraged to understand she was taken proper care of, then an worker stated the policy ended up being to replace him, I believe he wants the ‘replacement’ to become him. Its too early on her to begin yaking concerning the money, i am try to look for her. sorry for the cleaning soap opera stuff.

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