Monitoring your Electricity Bill: Popular British Gas Tariffs

If one thing’s for sure, it’s the importance of keeping an eye on your energy tariffs, so that you aren’t paying over the odds for your electricity and gas supply. Switching energy providers can help to save you heaps over the course of a year and with various tariffs available, you can choose the one that suits you and your needs perfectly.

British Gas energy supply is one of the most popular choices with homeowners all over the UK. With their competitive prices and a plethora of price plans, they can help to meet your requirements so that you see savings in your monthly energy bills. The British Gas energy tariffs include variable and fixed rate options and while their plans change sporadically, the ones available for your consideration at the moment can be found below.

Clear & Simple is the most popular tariff, with its no frills approach and simple to understand billing system. There are discounts available for direct debit and Dual Fuel customers, with an average Dual Fuel price of £106 per month.

Online Variable May 2014 is the cheapest tariff currently available through British Gas and offers online account management to ensure you have access to your account, any time you need it. The monthly cost for Dual Fuel is £102, while it offers a 4% discount against the Clear & Simple rates.

Price Promise April 2015 provides a fixed rate of £116 for both gas and electricity until April 2015, regardless of whether the Clear & Simple rates increase or not. With this option, you guarantee that your rates don’t increase until the end of April, 2015.

Price Promise July 2014 is the same as the April 2015 option, except you are guaranteed the same rates until July 2014. Prices are fixed at a 6.4% premium against the Clear & Simple tariff, meaning you will pay no more than £113 for both gas and electricity until next year.

Regardless of your energy and budget needs, British Gas is there to help you make the best choice.


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  1. Roy 14 June 2013 at 5:52 am Permalink

    ‘Here at British Gas we are saying that, regardless of the number of occasions your boiler stops working, you are able to depend on British Gas to repair it.’

    Are you able to repair it permanently please British Gas? I am frustrated with calling you out of trouble every couple of days.

  2. Noel 14 June 2013 at 4:38 pm Permalink

    Is british gas recruitment visa requirement really essential?

    I’m getting an telephone interview with british gas on coming monday. My visa is extremely skilled migrant programme(hsmp) and it will finish in march 2010. Nevertheless its no problem because it is extension and i’ll obtain the visa the moment that one expires. And can the british gas people allow me to go further within my interview. Please suggest me what must i do?

  3. Danita 16 June 2013 at 6:58 pm Permalink

    Why can’t British Gas provide you with a person appointment rather than saying they’ll be there between 8am and 6pm?

  4. Jacqualine 18 June 2013 at 10:41 am Permalink

    Would british gas penalise me? i simply moved into this new flat & i’ve signed nothing together.

  5. Dino 28 June 2013 at 8:59 am Permalink

    Without warning 8 several weeks ago i received instructions from British Gas saying that they are now my energy supplier (gas and electricity). They’d just absorbed from Npower without asking me, if this sounds like things i wanted. Npower also provided my gas and electricity. I’ve found this totally from order. The issue i must no after watching a course 2 nights ago is if i’m able to claim compensation over this switching of one’s supplier without my consent. This program recommended that individuals this as became of are titled to compensation because they are not supposed to get this done without my consent?

    A a number of 200 and fifty pounds was pointed out.

    If this sounds like correct wouldso would i go about using with this money off them and will it be lower to British Gas or Npower. It’s also rather strange why a large company like Npower would certainly let British Gas do that and dominate my account. I’m on payg energy for electric and gas.

  6. Goldie 2 July 2013 at 6:03 pm Permalink

    Just moved into a condo (within the United kingdom) and contains plenty of Creda electric heating units. There’s no gas within the apartment. We’re on British Gas WebSaver 10. Does anybody know roughly just how much shiny things cost monthly? We’re out all day long, therefore it would simply be on to have an hour each morning, along with a couple of at night. Thanks

    For individuals who don’t know who British Gas are, they’re a business within the United kingdom that offer Gas and/or Electricity. So don’t let yourself be unclear about the title. We simply have electric together.

  7. Len 2 July 2013 at 9:28 pm Permalink

    Transformed to british gas earlier around..first of all nobody found totally reset our meters, therefore we had two gas cards, one by one nor labored although we’d bought £5 credit on each. This has not been returned.

    Today I credited my electricity key with £15 that the meter wouldn’t accept (error d4).

    Approached customer service and anxiously waited over an hour or so . 5 to have an operator being free described we’re away as from Mon

    i was told nothing might be done until we’re lower to under 50p emergency after which an engineer can come and provide us £10 credit.A brand new key along with a refund from the £15 should arrive in a few days..although we’re away.

    utter garbage!

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