Learning Day Trading Strategies with Warrior Trading

I wanted to write a Warrior Trading Review to recap my experience learning the day trading strategies taught by Ross Cameron.  Ross runs a day trading chat room at Warrior Trading and in the afternoon he teaches day trading courses.  He is a full-time traders AND a full-time teacher.  He’s a multi-tasking ninja!  What impressed me about the Warrior Trading community is the emphasis on education.  I feel like every day I’m in a class room.  In other trading rooms I felt like I was in a race with other traders trying to just scalp the alerts of the leader to get a few dollars profit.  Ross provides his trade alerts in real-time but more importantly he is teaching while he’s trading.  He is constantly talking on the audio video stream giving market commentary and updating the room on his positions and his plans.  If you want a trading room where you will actually learn to trade, Warrior Trading is the best place to be.

Day Trading Chat Room

The day trading chat room opens every day at 9am.  This by itself was a huge change from most of the rooms I’ve been in before.  Most rooms open at 9:25, about 5min before the opening bell.  This leaves no time to prepare!  Ross spends the 30min from 9:00-9:30 reviewing the economic calendar, preparing his watch list and reviewing the stocks moving up on news.  This is the most valuable time of the day for me.  This is where we make our plan.  I have learned from Ross that the best day trading strategy is momentum.  Almost every single day there is a stock running on momentum.  It seems like all the day traders end up focusing on those stocks.  That is, all the good day traders.  Before I traded with Warrior Trading I was using a master watch list of the top 50 stocks near 52week highs trading on above average volume.  I was looking for 52week breakouts.  Unfortunately I was often trading stocks with very low volume that were lacking a catalyst. Ross teaches a day trading strategy that requires only trading stocks with a catalyst.  This was another huge revelation for me.  We hunt for volume and we hunt for a catalyst.  That is our job as day traders.  It’s so simple but as a new trader I was focusing in all the wrong places.

A Community of Traders

What is great about Warrior Trading is the community always helps you stay on track.  There are hundreds of traders in the chat room of mixed levels of skill.  The more advanced traders are willing to lend tips and ideas to newer traders, and the newer traders seem to feel comfortable asking for help when they need it.  The community has a very high level of intelligence from my observations.  Everyone in the room is dedicated and passionate about trading.  This again, is very unique in the world of online trading where you often find people looking to simply get rich quick.  Ross has focused his marketing on being an educator, and I think that has worked really well for Warrior Trading.  The people that join the room are looking to invest in themselves and their careers.

Becoming a Warrior Trading Member

Shortly after joining Warrior Trading I had an issue where I needed to change my credit card information on my billing account.  I give them a call and Ross picked up the phone.  He helped me update my account and then proceeded to chat with me for about an hour about my trading.  I was so impressed that he took the time out of his day to talk with me I knew right then and there I had found the right trading room.  The level of attention to the members goes above and beyond any expectations I could have had.   If you are looking for a Trading Room with professional traders and a dedicated leader, look no further than Warrior Trading.

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