Fred Loya Insurance

Fred Loya Insurance has really existed considering that 1974. This company began with their first retailer in El Paso, Texas and then grew to much more than 361 companies. Obtaining real dedication, difficult work, and quickly service they earned the recognition to grow to be the eighteenth greatest Hispanic Leading 500 Operated and Owned company in the USA!

The Fred Loya Insurance coverage agency delivers car insurance coverage policies in New Mexico, California, Texas, Colorado, Illinois, Arizona, and Nevada. The companies can be discovered in purchasing centers, workplace buildings, street corners, and even the nearby grocery shop in cities either large or small. The firm motto is “The place Getting Local Issues” exhibiting that they are the locals, neighbors and close friends in the regions they serve..

The organization is advertised via radio stations, television, billboards, and the yellow pages. They’ve invested millions of dollars in publicity creating use of every single key type to get to their markets. There is no boundaries through their technique from working whit the Hispanic media and the typical market place media.

Their domain can help you to acquire quotes quick and effortlessly on-line, also you can register your policy right on their internet site. Fred Loya Insurance coverage can make payment for your coverage on their website by presenting you a secured connection. When obtaining quotes from Fred Loya, your credit score score is not utilised to establish the rate of your policy.

Fred Loya Insurance coverage has developed numerous jobs above the previous yr and now have 2600+ business professionals employed. The claims adjusters and appraisers play a component to make certain that all customers are taken care of with the same nearby support they have been providing for in excess of 35 many years. They also have their in-residence authorized division that has lawyers, paralegals and authorized assistants.

Operating in 7 states with in excess of 361 agencies, Fred Loya Insurance coverage strongly believes in becoming a component of the local local community and creating robust lasting relationships. By undertaking this they have obtained licenses for the states of Illinois, Nevada and Arizona and started working in these regional locations.

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  1. Tori 7 May 2013 at 11:43 pm Permalink

    I had been just lately inside a vehicle accident. It had been my fault I hit a truck and totalled my vehicle. The18 wheeler didnt appear to actually have damage I hit the metal ball in which you attatch a trailer the hitch. I’ve fred loya vehicle insurance. just how much will my insurance increase? Please. will rate best solution.

  2. Gennie 13 May 2013 at 6:10 pm Permalink

    My mother delivered a cashier’s check (which could simply be cashed by the pack leader who it’s intended for) to Fred Loya eventually… she discovered that her insurance was taken care of until August, so she left work, but she didn’t remember the check ($93). She recognized this the following day when she recognized she did not have the cash or even the check. They stated they did not get it, however the RBFCU (the financial institution) stated the check was cashed. It is a cashier’s check, also it was cashed, however they allegedly did not have anything related to it. Does that seem right?

    i am unsure if a number of you’re reading through it properly… but based on the bank, THE CHECK WAS CASHED…

  3. Cyril 14 May 2013 at 11:43 pm Permalink

    I’m in Texas. I was hit with a driver in 12 ,. of 2004. Vehicle would be a total wreck, my mother & I were forced into therapy. Immediately the insurance provider (Fred Loya) attempted to be satisfied with $100. These were very persistent, but we said excitedly to hang about until i was completed with our hospital bills to stay the claim (this can be a right). A couple of several weeks later, we finished physical rehabilitation and posted the ultimate bills for them. They delayed and delayed and delayed. We known as and known as and known as. We requested superviors. We requested managers. These provided some type of run-around. To create a lengthy story short, this continued for more than 24 months and today the Vice president of claims states vocally – “sorry, statute of restrictions expires & law states we do not owe you anything.” I’m able to prove I sent them everything and that i have call logs to exhibit which i stored giving them a call. THEY delayed, not me. Texas lawyers or insurance experts: Any suggestions about things i can perform?

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