Different Functions of a Credit score Card

Today, credit score cards have several functions and are quite flexible. They can be summarized into the following functions:


The holder might receive extended credit up to an agreed restrict at a published interest price.


The holder can repay the complete sum at the finish of the month, with no charge supplied no money advance has been taken.


On presentation at the appropriate banking institutions, subject to examine, income can be obtained. In most instances can also be employed in ATMs to acquire cash.

Cheque ensure

A cheque drawn on a financial institution may possibly be certain up to a published restrict offered it is accompanied by a Cheque Promise Card (or in some circumstances a Visa or Mastercard card) issued by the bank on which it is drawn.

Cheque encashment

Cheque guaranteed as above might be employed to obtain funds from branches of most banking institutions, despite the fact that a charge might be levied in particular situations.


If the card is a member of Visa Global or Mastercard International, you can use your card at many nations exactly where there are a lot banks who are members of them.

Possibly the most considerable fact to emerge from the summary of card functions is that strictly speaking, they are not debit cards. Though they can be utilised to obtain income by way of ATM, the debit will be created from the credit card account and not from the holder’s financial institution account.

The credit cards mentioned above are bank cards. Different financial institution cards have different card functions. The functions of bank cards really rely on the person bank itself. Some financial institution card could have all of the above functions and some could not.

There other credit score cards that are issued by retail outlets such as Petrol Card, Quasi Card and Personal Label Card which could have some of the over functions talked about above.

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    I’ve 5 charge cards with various limits and rates.I am while having to pay all of them off, however know you must have balances in your cards for healthy credit. The number of cards must have an account balance and just how many ought to be unused?

    @Stephen, basically don’t have any balances, then what’s the purpose of getting charge cards to start with? How else am i going to build credit rating?

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    Okay like a 24 years old that has just become from college last year this month, I’ve got a question for individuals. I understand that lots of banks and banking institutionsOrprofessionals state that to be able to lift up your credit rating you have to keep active a minumum of one charge card. And That I realize that debit cards will not lift up your credit rating, and can debit card which has say a Mastercard or visa logo design on work just like a normal charge card and lift your credit score or perhaps is it as being a regular debit card?

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