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Aetna is a wellness care company that provides a excellent and broad variety of goods, this kind of as healthcare, dental, and disability plans. Aetna is one particular of the major well being insurance businesses in the US whose companies are used by businesses, organizations, employees, and college students across 50 states. This lengthy-standing company very first came into the scene in 1850, for the duration of which a volcano in Sicily, Mt. Etna, was active. It was very first established as Aetna Insurance Business, but grew to become Aetna, Inc. in 1996, following the merger of Aetna Lifestyle and Casualty Firm and US Healthcare. In the last 10 many years, this business has dealt with well being care companies of numerous organizations. It has then positioned a lot more emphasis on its health care operations.

The firm is composed of Well being Care, Group Insurance coverage, and Large Scenario Pensions. The Wellness Care department specials with a broad variety of health ideas (medical, dental, and pharmacy rewards). More than 15 million individuals are holders of Aetnas health-related prepare. There are a lot more than 13 million dental members. The pharmacy positive aspects management area has about 10 million members. The Group Insurance segment, which has 15 million members, consists of disability and long-expression overall health insurance coverage items. The Big Situation Pension segment contains a variety of retirement items, although their company does not actively encourage this segment.

Aetna has an substantial network of overall health care service companies, such as medical professionals and overall health care insurance coverage carriers. The customers of their products assortment from employers to single clients. Their company is also attempting to improve the number of its members by advancing its product offerings. They also have income personnel that promote wellness care products. Independent brokers and consultants also sell Aetna insurance coverage goods.

The wellness care merchandise are offered to employers, who, in turn, present them to the staff. Nevertheless, the employees have the privilege to pick the merchandise of their preference. So, the scheme is that the employers shell out the sum of regular monthly premiums of workers to Aetna. The premiums are deducted instantly from the salaries of the employees. On the other hand, some Group Insurance merchandise are sold straight to the personnel. This scheme takes place if the employer does not subsidize the premiums for these items. In reality, the coated employee can spend right to the business itself.
Aetna does have its pros and cons, despite getting 1 of the top health insurance providers in the United States. It is just like any other insurance company, whose schemes and solutions have some flaws. Some folks could not get optimum rewards from their chosen business. For instance, most do not offer maternity coverage, so pregnant ladies might have to appear for another insurance coverage provider. However, Aetna addresses bills for problems that happen for the duration of pregnancy. Aetna also addresses infants within the 1st month.

Another acknowledged limitation in the insurance policy made available by Aetna is its age cutoff. They do not offer coverage for individuals 65 many years and up.
Competitive insurance expense and substantial coverage, nonetheless, make up for the identified disadvantages.
Customers, on the other hand, need to consider specific aspects just before buying an insurance policy. These factors contain affiliated hospitals and doctors, prescription positive aspects, cost and premiums, and lifetime maximum coverage.

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  1. Denise 13 January 2013 at 7:31 am Permalink

    My hubby is five years over the age of me and intends to retire this year. Sometimes part-time only and so i carry no medical health insurance of my very own. I depended on my small husband’s medical health insurance. However, my hubby is likely to retire in 6 several weeks approximately although he’ll get a pension from his company as he does (although I’m not sure if the organization continues to start working to the healthcare or otherwise once he retires or otherwise). My hubby is 66 and I am 61. So, when i comprehend it, my hubby could had opted on Medicare insurance or he could decide to continue having to pay for the Aetna insurance through his company . But my hubby can’t discover the particulars about his company’s health care options until he submits his three month notice and the selection of a type of pension. The two of us are essentially healthy with the exception that I actually do come with an ongoing knee problem from an injuries sometime ago which has needed surgery previously and is constantly on the cause me discomfort–I would need surgery again.

    So my real question is this: In times like ours, in which the primary breadwinner/insurance company is five years older and also the wife up to now continues to be depending on her behalf older husband’s insurance, could it be usually smarter for that husband to carry on together with his company’s insurance policy (Aetna in PA), or perhaps is it less pricey for that husband to change to Medicare insurance but for the wife to locate a health insurance plan of her very own?

    Flower, Thanks. I possibly could be wrong. however , I do not believe that my hubby would need to pay more for Medicare insurance simply because he made a decision to try to age 67 instead of retire at 65. In the end, he’s having to pay for any PRIVATE insurance policy as long as he’s employed, which saves the gov’t money, plus he’s generating more earnings than he’d like a retired person–also it would really be Taxed. And when From the properly people aren’t even titled to Medicare insurance coverage until they leave their jobs. Therefore it wouldn’t serve the united states gov’t well to lessen benefits for individuals who still work beyond the age 65 because then nobody would bother to get it done, and also the condition would lose revenues consequently.

    Thanks, Lucy, for that referral towards the AARP website, however the questioner for the reason that situation stated that her mother did not subscribe to Medicare insurance “when she was designed to.Inch The AARP answerer gave reliable information about penalties but he apparently assumed the questioner’s mother didn’t have coverage from the full-time job he must have made obvious that everything is different whenever a person continues to have full-time employment.

  2. Sofia 5 May 2013 at 4:07 am Permalink

    Essentially, I’d Aetna insurance for that this past year. Recently, someone inside my company transformed something clerically to state that my insurance ended Setember 1, 2008. My doctors have become notices from Aetna to repay the cash these were compensated in claims since that time. The doctors are actually visiting me to reimburse them. It is a longer story that I have referred to at length here:

    http://world wide

    Thank you for any assist you to can offer. This can be a rough situation and that i can use good quality advice.

    Fraud? Are you currently kidding me? I had been to date from the loop, I wasn’t even told basically was still being an worker or otherwise. I have been waiting to ascertain if I’d obtain a letter saying when my insurance would terminate, and so i could subscribe to Cobra.

  3. Karl 12 June 2013 at 4:02 pm Permalink

    As we are married and that he adds me to his coverage, how lengthy does it take before my coverage becomes effective (I can turn to the physician)? I have didn’t have medical health insurance before and also the person he spoken to at the office yesterday did not know. He’s Aetna but I am unsure from the particulars.

    He did, it clearly states so within the particulars following the question. Nobody at the office or at Aetna will give him an upright answer this is exactly why I requested here. Hopefully another person has been doing this and knows. Thank you for responding to just like a jerk.

    Thanks Smiling, that is things i was searching for! 🙂

  4. Valentine 30 June 2013 at 8:14 pm Permalink

    My mother is 78 years of age and it has some kind of special health problems. She was formerly signed up for the Aetna Advantage HMO, after talking to by having an agent i was advised to cancel the HMO, register with Original Medicare insurance (OM) and purchase a Blue Shield supplemental Plan F along with a separate Plan D for drugs from Humana. I was told that people were searching in a deadline of 12/31/10 to fax a cancellation to Aetna, register with Blue Shield and Humana. However, we discovered by ourselves (past too far) that’s NOT the situation due to there being a benefit Disenrollment Period from 01/01/11 to 02/14/11 to visit OM, which signing up for another drug plan instantly cancels the HMO, no explicit fax was ever necessary. I was also assured the supplemental coverage could not be refused.

    So after following a agent’s instructions and rescheduling the HMO, we discover following the open enrollment period the supplemental WAS refused, departing my mother without a penny but OM and drug coverage. And since the Humana drug coverage was triggered, Medicare insurance wouldn’t allow Aetna to reinstate the prior HMO. At this time my confidence within the agent dropped to zero, I believed I’d best fix this by myself.

    After investing several days of getting in touch with insurance providers and Medicare insurance, it appears as though I am going for you to get this mess resolved, I am finally in contact with someone in Medicare insurance who are able to switch the switch and undo the harm. However the agent counseling us not just handled to almost completely sabotage my mother’s medicare insurance insurance, but seemed to be flat-out wrong about several particulars. What type of consequences should take place here? I do not think I’m able to sue for damages, but I am wondering if you will find other available choices?

    BTW, whether it makes any difference, we are in Los Angeles.

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