7 Ways To Save Money

These days, everyone is tightening their belts. Even if you don’t feel like you need to save money, making small cut-backs can mean the difference between affording a brilliant Christmas and going without. Check out these top ten tips which could save you hundreds.

1. Use vouchers

Download apps or sign up to websites that provide you with voucher codes for different retail stores, restaurants and services. You’ll have tailored offers sent to your email, or you could simply search for the relevant shop/restaurant whilst your there to see which deals they’re offering at the time.

2. Drop a brand

Dropping a brand level at the supermarket is a great way to save some cash. The idea is simple; if you usually buy the top named brand washing powder, go down a level to the supermarket’s own luxury brand. You may only save a few pence, but when you apply this to the rest of your shop, you could be pleasantly surprised when you get to the till.

3. Cook from scratch

Instead of buying expensive ready meals or pre-sliced vegetables, start cooking your meals from scratch. Sure, it’ll take a little more time than usual, but you’ll be saving a lot of money and you’ll be healthier as a result. Try cooking things in bulk and freezing them for later – this works well with soups, sauces and meals like lasagne or cottage pie.

4. Switch off appliances

Switching electronics off at the wall when you’re not using them (apart from the obvious things like fridges and freezers, which have to be left on constantly) can shave a surprising amount off your utility bill. In fact, the Energy Saving Trust has said that UK households are spending between £50 and £86 per year simply by leaving appliances on standby.

5. Buy presents in bulk

If you see a good deal on something that a couple of friends or family members might like, then it could be worth your while buying a few and saving them for birthday or Christmas presents. Spreading out the cost of gifts is also a great way to prevent financial problems during birthday-heavy months.

6. Change your ways

The most effective way of saving money is unfortunately one of the most difficult. Changing your spending habits is a great way to make huge savings. For example, if you pick up a takeaway coffee every morning before work, you could be spending upwards of £50 per month on this alone. Making your own and taking a flask could help you save most of this amount.

7. Buy second-hand

Where possible, buy second-hand or nearly new items instead of going straight to the shops. Websites such as Gumtree, eBay and Freecycle can provide good quality clothing, electrical items and furniture for a fraction of the new price. Clothing can also be found in charity shops and vintage stores, or you could even arrange a swapping party with friends in order to save some money.

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