7 Reasons Why A Great Life Insurance Agent Is Really Important

life insurance

If you were to ask the average citizen to list professions they viewed as “noble”, insurance agents likely would not top the list. Insurance agents have a reputation for being aggressive salespeople who are less concerned about their clients’ needs and more concerned with their commissions.

Great insurance agents do exist, however, and letting a skilled agent handle your life insurance policy is key to ensuring you receive the appropriate amount of coverage.

Life insurance can be a complicated and intimidating topic, but if you have the appropriate sales agent to guide you through the process, you will be able to reap the benefits of your policy in full.

1. A Good Agent Will Sell You Only The Coverage You Need

If you have shopped for life insurance, you know that the entire ordeal can feel like a big sales pitch with threatening undertones. Purchasing life insurance is already a difficult purchase for many since it reminds us all of the possibility that we could die suddenly, and unwillingly abandon our loved ones.

A good insurance agent will not resort to scare tactics to try to encourage you to purchase the policy that is best for the insurance company, but for you and your family. Although an insurance agent wants you to be adequately covered, if you can purchase a cheaper policy and get the same amount of protection, a good sales agent will be sure to safe you the money.

2. Independent Agents Will Listen To Your Requirements

Although there are certain policies and companies that will suit a wide variety of people, your unique circumstances will dictate what type of insurance you will require. If you need a significant amount of coverage but cannot support high monthly payments, your policy will be different than someone who can pay more per month but might not pass a physical.

3. Knows The Underwriting Differences Among A Number Of Companies

If you truly want to save money and get the best rate, then you need an insurance agent who knows insurance and has experience in the business. A really excellent life insurance agent should be able to review your medical history and exam, and know which company will give you the best coverage for your unique details.

4. Will keep you informed during the application

Sadly, many people will only interact with their insurance agent when they first contact the agency and then when they are approved for their policy. If there is no contact during the process, the client will have no way of knowing what the agent is doing or if they are actively pursuing their stated desires. Although you as a client may not be interested in how your agent performs his job, short phone calls can go a long way towards building trust and showing professionalism. Although most agents will not do this and it may not affect your transaction negatively, an agent who cares about your peace of mind is an agent for whom you should be very grateful.

5. Is Willing To Keep Working On Your Claim

If you are in poor health or your family medical history is less than stellar, your agent may have to work very hard to find a policy that you can afford. An excellent agent will not let this hurdle daunt her, and will persistently pursue your objectives despite the high-risk category you may fall under.

6. Represents Multiple Companies

Although it is not completely necessary for an agent to represent more than one company, in general an agent who is not tied to one provider can offer you a better deal. Different policies will offer different benefits, and as good as a provider can be there is no “one size fits all” approach that will work for your benefit in the long run.

One thing you should be wary of, however, are insurance agencies where the agents operate a call center and there is no continuing relationship between client and agent. Although some good companies, such as Zander insurance, operate this way, it can be a true negative if you need recurring help.

If you still believe a mega insurance agency might be a good fit, then seek out a quote by all means, but be sure to read independent Zander life insurance reviews such as this one.

7. A Good Sales Agent Will Alert You Of Any Potential Problems

While the adage “buyer beware” is indeed apt when it comes to any major investment and you should surely educate yourself about your policy before you decide what to purchase, a good insurance agent will willingly share any details and fine print you may have missed. For example, a good agent will draw your attention to potential problems such as recurring medical exams, deadlines to renew your policy, and inflating premiums.


Although it may seem impossible, buying life insurance can be a pleasant experience that offers financial security and peace of mind. Just be sure to find a helpful agent and value their expertise.

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