5 Money Deceptions You Can Evade

In the time, when money rules, it’s not surprising people are ready to deceit and cheat in the attempts of getting it. Still, if you are prepared, you can avoid trickery, and we are going to help you in it. There are 5 important things for you to bear in mind.

Be Careful About the Free Stuff

Most of us are ready to take the benefit of some free stuff and are often blinded to the real product price if it’s offered with some free item. I should confess I am also guilty of such thing. The traders and those of marketing industry are aware of the phenomenon and use it widely. A satellite TV company can easily offer you a free notebook with a subscription, but though it may sound extremely advantageous, look closer at the deal. The chance is high that saving money for a certain period, not changing the provider you’ll be able to purchase a notebook to your liking and quite possible ata lower price.

The usual other trick is “buy an item get another one for free”. As soon as you see such advertisement, think carefully if you really need the thing, and if you really need two of them. If you pay money, the item is definitely not free, mind it.

Minimize Your Credit Card Payments

If you have a credit card, you are likely to get used to covering only the minimum monthly payments, but it’s no good. Minimum payments will take a lot of your time and what is more important money to pay off the balance even after you have stopped the credit card usage. Your credit card debt may once reach pretty scary amount if you use the card on a regular basis, yet pay only minimum amounts. You’d better not believe the credit card companies and cover your monthly debt in full. If you lack money for this you can check online borrowing options here.

Limited Period Only

You are sure to have heard and not once that a department store offers you sales, but the time is limited and you should rush. This sense of urgency is artificial to prevent you from careful consideration as to the necessity of a purchase. Psychologically people are attracted by the exclusivity of a limited offer, but it’s a usual thing for the stores to make such offers regular or long, so take your time to really think everything over. It’s all about money and if a sale works, it will most likely be repeated.

Prices are Non-Negotiable

Will it be a surprise for you to hear that discounts are possible almost everywhere. You should just ask. Though there are no guarantees, but deals are more often than most of us think. If you are polite, there’s no harm to inquire. You will often get negative answers, but sometimes positive ones will also happen.

– Look for the items with small drawbacks easy to fix or live with.
– When you buy a lot of in one place a percent of the price is possible to be knocked off.
– Inform the vendor of the fact the product is cheaper at a competing store.

Banks are Inflexible

Like we think the discounts are unlikely when they are not announced, we often mistakenly consider banks are impossible to negotiate with. However if your request is reasonable and the approach is professional, the bank is likely to be ready to negotiate even if it’s a big one.

Just think how much you are able to save paying attention to the five things above. Use a bit of healthy skepticism and analyze where your money goes, than you will be able to avoid some of the usual money tricks.

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