4 Types Of Personal Injury Lawsuits

Getting injured through no fault of your own can result in a huge impact to your life. Injuries can cause you to miss work and lower your quality of life. If you were injured because someone else was being negligent then you have a good case for a lawsuit.

However your injury was caused, you’re going to want to look into contacting an attorney to help you through the situation and to make sure you have everything covered that needs to be taken care of. Serious injuries happen all of the time and without any warning. It’s important to know what to do if you end up in that type of situation. Here are come common personal injury lawsuits.

Unsafe Premises

This isn’t the most common type, but it does happen. This type of lawsuit comes from a situation such as a slip and fall in a store that has a wet floor without any warning signs, or a kid getting caught in an escalator. If it’s something that you could have avoided then it’s less likely to have merit but if negligence is the cause then you may have a case.

Car Accident

This is a very common type of lawsuit. Car accidents happen all of the time and can happen to anyone. If the cause was negligence from the other driver and there is damage and injuries you probably have a case. This type of lawsuit also doesn’t have to involve a car on your end. It could be that you were hit by a car when running or bicycling.


Medical malpractice gets a bad rap but is necessary when a health profession is negligent. When a doctor doesn’t diagnose correctly or treat your illness in a timely manner they can be held accountable for injuries resulting from their negligence.

Defective Products

Because of lawsuits, companies have been willingly recalling products that can be potentially dangerous. But still, some companies put out dangerous products due to negligence and should be punished financially for it. Things like choking hazards, lead paint, and bacteria in food can be signs of a defective product and cause for a lawsuit.

If you do decide to file a lawsuit, be sure to look in to lawsuit loans to help you fight the battle until the end instead of having to go with a settlement because you’re financially hampered.

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  1. Cory 30 May 2013 at 5:41 am Permalink

    I understand the man who had been completely embarassed on the flight got $206K to be designed to stand it the rear, just ticked him off.

    I have been hurt inside a vehicle accident, I had been ticked off, treated badly, embarassed to hell & back, facing bankrupcy, etc, why I am not getting that type of money?

    Why is not there some group of standards of these things?



  2. Christine 2 June 2013 at 5:51 pm Permalink

    A Flower shop Wholesaler / retailer situated outdoors of TorontoOntario Canada decided to supply trays of youthful plants towards the Zellers Stores in Toronto for that month of May and June 2008 once the season for gardening was began. They placed an advertisement from our paper for “temporary,periodic, part-time help employed in garden centers ‘ throughout Ontario. I anwered the ad. The Flower shop provided a listing of stores to visit,sent a period sheet in my experience, and explained the speed for vehicle mileage. I began the job of watering the plants in various locations.

    On May 28, 2008, at one location I watered the plants and wter dripped to the floor in the center of the mall in which the Zellers store had situated the rack of plants after getting just easily wiped the ground a girl and her husband arrived to enter the Zellers store when she ended up and fell infront of me and also the store manager. She visited an individual Injuries LAWYER and also the lawyer is suing the mall owner, the Zellers store, the Flower shop Wholesaler / retailer and myself for $500,000 for any damaged rib.

    Both lady and her companion who’re Senior citizens and living together are named because the Plantiffs and all sorts of 4 people are named as independent accused. The Flower shop is countersuing me like a “Subcontractor’ getting triggered the accident and for that reason responsible for negligence leading to bodily harm and getting rid of themselves all responsiblity. The Zellers store is suing the Flower shop for employing an incompetent worker and also the Mall isn’t doing anything because they have Premise Liability for accidents. The Flower shop claims I’m a SUBCONTRACTOR Plus They Compensated ME Like A VENDOR .

    The Private Injuries lawyer states I’m an worker which the Flower shop hired me as a result and that i belong to the worker insurance from the Flower shop/Wholesaler / retailer. The dispute would go to a jury around 2010 as everybody is fighting within the accident claim and stating ‘NOT US WE Didn’t Do Anything Whatsoever WRONG’ BLAME The Lady WHO WATER THE PLANTS …SHE Triggered THE ACCIDENT Pursue HER For That $500,000. All companies have lawyers representing themselves but me who can’t afford an attorney and should represent herself within this matter.

    I clarified an advertisement for any couple of days of part-time work and sudden grew to become a Subcontractor and also have a large legal suit over my mind. How do i be an worker and also have the coverage I want and just how can one not accept this suit. The woman was putting on plastic clogs when she fell and she or he didn’t request to have an ambulance and she or he went to some spectacular personal injuries lawyer to obtain a large amount of cash for herself and her companion.

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